Abode Respite Services Inc. 

A Registered Non-Profit Organization

Meet Heather!

 Heather has two roles with Abode, one as Executive Director and one as a Mentor for our members. Heather believes the role of a mentor is simple- to help members be their best self! Heather is a big advocate for our #ABILITYFIRST message, and loves finding and creating opportunity for people of all abilities to actively participate in the community, to the best of their ability. In her role as a Mentor, Heather believes everyday should include dance, laughter, self-development and the creation of awesome experiences! 

Meet Bethany!

Bethany is a kindhearted and hard working Mentor with Abode. Bethany is also a fourth-year nursing student at the University of Windsor and soon to be graduate . She is passionate about helping people of all abilities reach their potential and loves being apart of that process. Bethany loves her role as a mentor and believes in Abode whole heartedly. Some of Bethany’s favourite things to do with Abode’s membership are to create new art projects, to go out and about in our community, and doing some good old fashioned cardio!